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• Ushering

o Head Of Department - Ideraoluwa
Scope of Function - The ushers at Miraclebreed Assembly are always more than excited to greet people as they arrive for every service, helping them to their seats, maintaining order, collecting the offering and assisting people with special needs before, during and after every service or special events/programs in church. In case of an emergency, the ushers take the lead in getting people to safety in an orderly manner while working with the security department to achieve the best result as of the time.


• Multimedia

o Head Of Department - Rendering
Scope of Function - The purpose of the Multimedia department at Miraclebreed Assembly is to accurately carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our esteemed members within our immediate neighborhood and around the world – physically and virtually through the use of all available technology and media, and to equip other ministries of the church to use digital and electronic media as a major worship and outreach tool. This department while providing instant technical support during every service also records teachings/messages, choir worship sessions/ministrations and special events made available on CD, DVD and for viewing and broadcasting online.


• Choir

o Head Of Department – Darlington
Scope of Function – The major purpose of the Choir (Miraclebreed Music Ministers – M-CUBE) is to lead the church in spirit-filled worship and praise sessions during every service and special programs in church. This department maximizes all available, musically gifted/called and skilled members (singers and instrumentalists), while grooming younger talents also.


• Sanctuary keepers

o Head Of Department - Sunny Aiyetiwa
Scope of Function – The Sanctuary keepers are responsible for the constant cleaning and adequate maintenance of the church facilities (auditoriums, car parks, offices, convenience etc.) and environs. They handle the arrangements of church (chair set-up etc.) for church services and rearrangements during special events in church.


• Protocol

o Head Of Department - Ify Uzondu
Scope of Function – The Protocol department of Miraclebreed Assembly is the arm of the church that involved with attending to and caring for in-house pastors and guest ministers before, during and after church services or special events in church. They are well-cultured with impeccable manners that make any minister or pastor within their care well catered for. They are also responsible for reservations, reception and smooth transportation of pastors or guest ministers (as the case may be) before, during and after church services and special events/programs in church while working hand-in-hand with the welfare team.


• Security

o Head Of Department - Sunny White
Scope of Function - At Miraclebreed Assembly, we believe so much in safety of lives and properties (of our dear members and the church as an entity). This is what the security department has been set up for. It is a place where gifted hands in the field of security use their skills to help maintain achievable maximum security always within the church premises. They are also responsible for all janitorial duties before, during and after church services and special events.


• Counseling

o Head Of Department –
Scope of Function – The counseling team of Miraclebreed Assembly are trained to listen to and offer scripture-based counsel to first timers, new converts, members and anyone with questions and challenges about any area of life.


• Power

o Head Of Department - Pelumi Adeyemi
Scope of Function – This department ensures that there is constant power supply within the church facilities before, during and after services or special events/programs. They are responsible for the regular maintenance of the church’s power systems and alternatives, smoothly maximizing them to give regular and adequate power supply to the entire facility always.


• Publicity

o Head Of Department –
Scope of Function – This department is responsible for concept development, designs, printings and strategic distribution of all publicity tools (flyers, banners, billboards and e-tools) for church services and special events/programs. They are responsible for the church’s public relations and mass communication of latest/updated information about the church every time.


• Follow-Up Department

o Head Of Department -
Scope of Function - Miraclebreed is a family of love that places a priceless value on after-service contact with first timers, new converts and members through sms, phone calls, e-mails and physical visits. This is made possible by our esteemed follow-up team who are always cheerful to connect on behalf of the church, helping people become properly planted and integrated in church with spiritual growth of individuals.